Vacuum Insulated Panels (V.I.Ps) is what makes this possible. This state of the art insulation technology reduces the movement of molecules in gaps due to a Vacuum, and lack of atmosphere that exists in said gap. Heat transfer via conduction, convection and radiation is kept to a minimum so that temperatures are kept low at all times. Because of this they have about one-fifth the thermal conductivity of the best conventional insulations and thereby 5 times the thermal resistance per unit of thickness.

With Ice Retention being the number one driver in the high-performance cooler market, it was a great opportunity to develop a cooler that met and outperformed the competition.

We like to describe it as Efficient, Versatile and Practical.


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The D25 Hard Cooler is indeed a gem. Its V.I.P performance will be sure to amaze you when you open it up and see how much storage room you still get. It is lean and mean, and designed to be light.

Organization is not forgotten with all the available accessories.

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  • 0.75″ High-Tech Vacuum Insulated Panel Insulation
  • R-Value – ’50’
  • 1.1″ Thin-Wall Design
  • Tested to hold ice for up to 6 days (Longer than Roadie24)
  • 25 Quarts
  • 14.5 lbs
  • Upside down Patent-Pending D-Latch system
  • Thick grip Aluminum Handle
  • Soft-touch side handles
  • Removable Non-Slip feet inserts
  • Standard Drain Plug


  • Long Divider + Chop Board
  • Short Divider + Chop Board
  • 2.8″ Deep Tray.
  • 2.8″ Deep Strainer Basket (Coming)