With its easy access top hatch, XL side pockets, multiple storage pouches and cup holder bands, you get plenty of value.

It includes;
A removable shoulder strap.
A removable back strap.

SOFTCOOL 20 Features

30mm thick NBR insulation
Tough Waterproof Zipper
Cool Access, Top Hatch (SC20 only)
Heavy duty side and top grab handles
2 x Extra Large watertight side pockets
4 x Cup Holder bands
EVA Hard Case for Sunglasses
Unique HD D-Pullers
Pen and Tool holders
Front Storage pouch
Front and Rear storage nets
20 Standard Cans + 15lbs ice
Up to 45lbs Maximum Carry weight



Patent Pending Soft Divider + Carry Pouch
Removable Shoulder Straps
Removable Multi-functional Back Straps – Pouch + Bottle Opener (SC20 only)


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